Customize How Blog Parts are Displayed

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03 /31 2010
Customize How Blog Parts are Displayed

Paste an analyzer tag below <body> in a template's HTML to use it in your blog. If you would like to show each entry's title, choose "Replace with a Title" in the URL replacement settings. With this setting selected, a title will be automatically obtained and shown in the ranking. When there is a blog title and an entry title inside the <title>~<title> it may look like there are two blog titles if viewed in a small blog part.

Please change it to "Entry title, Blog title", then it will look like there are two subtitles.

If you are an FC2 Blog user, this is how you change it.

<title><%blog_name><!--not_index_area--> <%sub_title><!--/not_index_area--></title>


<title><!--not_index_area--><%sub_title> <!--/not_index_area--><%blog_name></title>

Make good use of plugins and other functions to get access to different pages.
Then you can clearly see which entries are being read by viewers.


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