Show the ranking on your site

03 /31 2010


In order to show ranking to visitors, go to the "Show Ranking to Visitors", and then

paste a URL link of the ranking page or paste a blog part.

Blog part is available not noly for your blog but also for your web pages.

Set the ranking page for "Releasing".

Then anyone who knows the URL can view it.

*Even though they know the URL, they cannot log in to the user management page.

If you don't want to show ranking to anyone,

mark off "Private". No one can view it even though the URL is known.

Paste a blog part

1. In order to paste a blog part, click on the "Blog Part"

in the user management page on the left side.


*The whole ranking cannot be shown using a blog part.

2. Open the menu of the item you would like to paste to your blog, and then click on the "Blog Part".

Click on the HTML tag shown at the top of the blog part page,

right-click and copy the tag onto the clip board.


3. Paste the tag on your blog or web pages.

Open the HTML file using an editor like a memo pad to paste it to a web page,

place it between <body>~</body> where you would like to show a blog part.

To use it on a blog, paste it in a designated space such as a free space.

Overwrite on a page and upload, then a blog part will be shown in your web page.

To change a size or a color of a blog part, go to the Blog Part Setting.

See the "Blog Part Setting" in the next menu for details.


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