03 /31 2010


First you will need to register an FC2ID to use the FC2 Ranking.If you have an FC2ID already, skip "What is an FC2ID?" and "How do I register an FC2ID?".

What is an FC2ID?

After registering an FC2ID, you can handle all FC2 sevices. All you need is your e-mail address! Registration for the FC2ID and the FC2 Ranking are both free!

How do I Register an FC2ID?

Please go to the top page of FC2 Ranking or FC2, then click on the red "Sign Up" button. This button will take you to the Registration Page. After you have completed registration, you can use various FC2 services including the FC2 Ranking.

Adding a Service

After registration, you need to add the FC2 Ranking service.

First, log in to your FC2ID account. Then, click on "Add a Service" on the left side menu of the user management page of FC2ID.

Next, find the "FC2 Ranking" in the list of services. Click on the button which says "Add this service". Now, FC2 Ranking is added. See the registration status by looking in the FC2ID user management page. Click on the hammer icon next to "FC2 Ranking". This will take you to the FC2 Ranking user management page.

Get an analyzer tag from the user managemant page, and paste it to the page you would like to analyze.



Welcome to FC2!