Blog Parts Settings

Blog Parts Settings
03 /31 2010
Blog Parts Settings

Each type of ranking (Entry, Popular and Exit) has a "Blog Parts" button in its menu. It's from here where you can change the Blog Parts settings.

Basic Settings

 By adjusting the Basic Settings, you can change fundamental things about how the results are displayed.

*Each ranking (Entry (IN), Popular Pages, Exit (OUT)) may be expressed differently.

Number of Displayed Rankings

  You can change the number of results you want to display. Anywhere from 3 to 30 is fine.

Search Engines

 You can choose whether to display the URL of search engines visitors use to reach your site, or you can replace the URL with the search engines' names.

Query Strings

 You can also choose whether you want to display a query string or not; or whether to delete it altogether.

 *A query string refers to a piece of data found in some URLs. It is the piece that comes after a question mark. In the example below it is the colored area.

Design Settings

 You can also change the design of your Blog Part. Change the Blog Part's width, background color, font color, etc. You can see your changes reflected in real time from the preview window.

 You can also move or change the size of the Preview Window, so you can still see your new design even if you change it to be wider. Use the palette to play around with different color options. Any color you choose from the palette is instantly reflected in the preview window. Each palette can be moved, and multiple palettes can be displayed at any one time.

Copy Settings

 You can copy your design. This can be done by choosing the copy source and pressing the "Copy" option button.

Reset Design (Return to the default settings)

 Turn back the clock and use this feature to reset your design back to it's original default settings. You can use this feature if you have made an irreparable mistake.


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