Show a Named Ranking

Show Named Ranking
03 /31 2010
Show a Named Ranking

Web Page Name
In order to show a web page name in ranking instead of URL, replace the URL with your web page name. Look at the side menu and click on the "URL Replacement Setting".


Turn the "URL and Web Page Name Replacement Setting" on to "Replace the Title", then a web page name is automatically acquired and the ranking will be shown by this name.

If you would like name to be automatically acquired, go to the URL replacement setting page and enter the URL of the web page, the replaced URL and the web page name after replacement in the "Add a replacement rule" section.

If you do not need to replace the URL, enter in the same URL.

Click on the "Register" button to end set up.
To use this setting for other pages, use a copy of the setting.

*The name will be shown after ranking data is updated.

Do not turn off "Replace the title". Ohterwise the title automatically acquired will be shown even if you have done all the replacement settings.


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