Place an Analyzer Tag

Place an analyzer tag
03 /31 2010
Place an Analyzer Tag

In order to start analyzing daata you need to paste an analyzer tag to all the pages you would like to analyze. First, click on "analyzer tag acquisition & identical IP exclusion" on the left side menu of the user management page of the FC2 Ranking.

You should be able to see an "Analyzer Tag". When you click on the text area where there is an analyzer tag, the whole text becomes highlighted. Right-click and copy the tag.

Tag Acquisition

Paste the tag to pages you would like to analyze.
Open the HTML file using an editor like a notepad, and paste the tag on pages you would like to analyze.
*When you analyze a blog page, you have to choose the current template in the template setting and paste the tag to the HTML side of the editting page. (See the blog manual)

When the source is shown, paste the tag anywhere between <body>~</body>.
*An analyzer tag does not ruin a page. We recommend you paste it right below <body>.
Please do not paste it below </body>.


Save the file, and upload it. This will complete set up. Repeat this process for all other pages you want to analyze.

* The ranking is updated once every two days.
** Please note that the ranking will not be reflected right after an analyzer tag is pasted.


Welcome to FC2!