FC2 Ranking

FC2 Ranking
03 /29 2010

Q & A

Q.What is FC2 Ranking?

A. FC2 Ranking analyzes access to your site and shows the ranking according to three indexes, "entry pages", "popular pages" and "exit pages".

·Entry page:
This refers to where a visitor was viewing directly before coming to your site. In other words, that's where a link to your page is placed, and that's where visitors are coming from. The higher a page is ranked, the more people are visiting your site from it.

·Popular pages:
Popular Pages are the pages that are viewed frequently in your site. This means the higher a page is ranked, the more people are visiting it.

·Exit pages:
Exit pages are pages that your visitors are going to after viewing your website. This is a good indication as to what external links on your page are being used and which aren't.

By analyzing these 3 pieces of information, you will know what kind of people are viewing your site, where they are wanting to go, and what contents on your site is popular. This is going to be a great help for you to run your own site.

You can even show this ranking and might end up receiving visits from highly ranked sites.

Q.Is FC2 Ranking free to use?

A. Yes, it is a free service.


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